What if my video file is not playing on the screen

Video File is Not Playing on the Screen?

As a Digital Signage solution Kitcast allows you to play any types of contents, including various options to play videos, including both online streams and uploaded videos.

From time to time there might be an issue playing your video contents, and here we’d like to share some steps how to troubleshoot that:

Q: My video is not playing at all, what to do?

A: As Kitcast app on the device caches the contents, it takes a while to cache your video file. So once it is uploaded and is the first in the list, it might not play for the first turn, especially if your internet connection is slow.

Q: I’ve uploaded video, and it is still not playing even after waiting.

A: Please check the video duration after the upload. It is on the left side of the Dashboard. If there’s a timing set to Auto, video might be skipped or only part of that is played.

Q: My video was uploaded a while ago and duration is not auto, but it is still not playing.

A: It could be a case that the video file of rare format was somehow not recognized on the server side and thus is not playing. Please try re-saving it locally on your computer in MOV file format and re-upload it once again.

Q: My video file is low quality, can I play it?

A: Yes, Kitcast should be able to handle that, however we do recommend to select 1080 and 4K video contents for the best quality of the contents representation.

Q:  Can I play video from YouTube?

A: Yes, Kitcast supports online video streaming so you can play your video files in any way. Still, if you’re choosing long video (like 30 minutes video file) and want to play only 1 minute from that, it will take a while to load the full video and play that part. So we recommend you to avoid this scenario.

Should you have any questions or facing video playback issues, you are welcome to contact us so we can assist you with that.