Multiple playlists and Scheduling

Playlists and Scheduling in Digital Signage Software

Multiple playlists

Need to show specific content on your screens in a specific time range?
It is possible with a few clicks:

Multiple playlists - Kitcast Support

You can schedule content by adding a new playlist and choosing the time you would like this content to be shown on a screen.

For example, during the time between breakfast and lunch, a restaurant could display a message such as, “Today’s special — Fish & Chips” you can create a default playlist that displays 24/7, and additionally, create another playlist for specific time periods. In the restaurant example, the default event is “Regular Menu”. If the Special Offer with Fish and Chips is scheduled from 6 a.m. until 10 a.m., it would be displayed instead.

You can also duplicate your playlists.

Playlists and Scheduling in Digital Signage Software

It is super easy to do just press “Duplicate” and select the location where it should be duplicated to:

Duplicate your playlists 2 - Kitcast Support


While creating new playlist, select timing and days it will be playing:

Scheduling - Kitcast Support
The Restaurant Special Offer is an example of schedules that display content for a limited time, such as a breakfast menu that displays only from 7 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Select a time slot for your new playlist and it will be scheduled.
Scheduling 2 - Kitcast Support

Time Zones

If you need to set up custom Time Zones for different locations, please navigate to the Locations switcher, and on the right choose Change Time Zone option. After, enter your neighborhood and check if it is updated now on the list.

Playlists and Scheduling in Digital Signage Software