How to install Kitcast app on Amazon TV?

Guide How to Install Digital Signage App for Amazon TV

  1. Open the Amazon Appstore on your Amazon TV device
  2. Go to Search section and type “Kitcast”

Once you’ve found the Kitcast app:

  1. Highlight it and click the touchpad to view the detail screen for the app
  2. On that screen, you will find Get Now button.

You may be asked to enter your password. If so, use the remote and the onscreen keyboard to type in. An icon appears on the button showing the progress of the installation.

  1. When the app is downloaded and installed, the button’s label changes to Open.

Another option to start using the app is to go to the Amazon TV’s home screen.
You’ll find the app installed there, ready to use.


* Be aware that Kitcast for Amazon TV sticks are currently in Beta so it might work unstable. Should you notice that, please report it to our support team