How will I be charged?

Payment Settings for Kitcast Digital Signage App

Once you make your very first purchase of a Monthly or Annual subscription plan – Kitcast sets the “Payment Day“. The payment day is the date when monthly-based charges will be made.

Every current month from one Payment Day to the next one is called “Current Payment Period“.

When you make any second purchase of the additional device, you’ll be billed for only the amount of days left until your next Payment Day.

For example:

Let’s say that the first purchase was made on June 1st. And then you make another purchase of additional device on June 15th. In this case, several things will take place:

• On June 1st – you’re immediately charged at the full price of the first purchase;

• Your Payment Day will be set to 1st day of every month;

• On June 15th – you’re immediately charged at only a half of the price.

The math is simple here – only 15 days left for the usage of the second purchase in Current Payment Period so we took the device’ full price, divided it to 30 (days in June) and multiplied by 15 (days left until Next Payment Day).

On your next Payment Day you’ll be charged for all of your active devices for the next Payment Period of usage.

In case if you are upgrading from Monthly plan to an Annual – the funds for the unused days of your Monthly add-ons’ subscriptions will be put on hold and then returned to you, and Annual payment will be made. Current Payment Day and Period will be changed due to this upgrade.

We use a well-known trusted service – for all the Dashboard add-ons purchases and transactions.