How to publish and manage Presentations with Kitcast

Here are two ways you can display Presentations with Kitcast: upload them as documents or export them directly from Google Slides

How to upload your presentation with Document widget: 

    1. Click on the green Plus button and choose Document:digital signage app for Apple TV
    2. In the new window, select a location for your presentation and upload it. (Supported formats are: PDF, PPT, PPTX, KEY).
    3. Once uploaded, select it and click Add button to post the presentation to the playlist:digital signage app for Apple TV

That’s it! Please, keep in mind that in this scenario your uploaded presentation is converted into a PDF document by default, thus embedded videos or transition effects (if any) will be displayed as still images.

If you would like to keep videos or/and transitions between slides in your presentation, or need to update presentation contents online, please follow the Google Slides integration instruction below.

How to upload your presentation with the Website widget: 

1. Manage it with Google Slides: 

    1. Visit Google Slides at:
    2. Create your fantastic Presentation, either by selecting existing templates or uploading your own.
    3. Once you finish the Presentation, use Publish to the web option from the File Menu:digital signage app for Apple TV   
    4. While publishing, please tick both checkboxes (for the Presentation to start as soon as the player loads and Restart the slideshow) and click on Publish. digital signage app


2. Add it as the Website Widget: 

    1. Visit Kitcast Dashboard to integrate your Presentation by opening
    2. Choose the Playlist where you want to add your Presentation.
    3. Click on the green Plus button to add the Widget and choose Website:  digital signage app
    4. Insert your link from the Google Slides: digital signage app
    5. Configure your Widget duration by clicking on a timer so your screen will play a complete presentation at signage app

That’s it! Once these steps are done, you are welcome to manage your Presentation in Google Slides at any time. Your updates will be reflected on Kitcast screens in real-time

And last but not less essential: your presentation links are secure; despite clicking “Publish to the Web” Presentation, Google does not throw its link somewhere to the world wide web. You are the only owner of this link.