Distributing Kitcast builds using Jamf Now

How to Setup JAMF Now

Step 0. Requirements

– This documentation assumes you have an Apple Volume Purchasing Program (such as Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager) account;
Jamf Now;
– It is recommended your Apple TVs are running tvOS 14.


Step 1. Setup Automated Device Enrolment

1. Log in to Jamf Now.
2. Click Auto-Enrollment.
3. Select Apple Business Manager (or Apple School Manager) and click Next.
4. Download your Token Public Key and click Next. You will use this to create your server token with Apple.
5. Log in to Apple Business Manager and follow these steps:

      1. If prompted, follow the onscreen instructions to verify your identity.
      2. In the sidebar, select Settings, and then click Device Management Settings.
      3. Click Add MDM Server.
      4. Enter a name for your MDM server, and then click Next.
      5. Click Choose File, and then upload the public key you downloaded from Jamf Now.
      6. Click Next and download the server token file.

After you create your new server token on the Apple portal, you can now upload it to Jamf Now.

6. In Jamf Now, drag and drop or click browse to select the new token from your directory.
7. Click Done.
8. (Optional) Click Choose Setup Assistant Steps to choose the screens displayed when devices enroll.

Once linked, your VPP apps and available licenses will sync into the Apps section of Jamf Now.


Step 2. Select your App License Assignment types

Jamf Now allows you to distribute apps directly to devices or to users for managed distribution. You must select either device-based or Apple ID-based app assignment (also known as user-based app assignment). By default, new Jamf Now accounts are set to device-based app assignment.

To select or update your app license assignment type, follow these steps:

    1. Log in to Jamf Now.
    2. Click More Settings.
    3. Click Apps.
    4. Select device-based or Apple ID-based app assignment under App License Assignment Type.
    5. Click Save Settings.


    Important note: We recommend staying with the default device-based method as it does not require users to enter their Apple IDs on each device. Moreover, you can only use the same Apple ID on 10 devices. This is limiting and annoying when deploying a signage network.


    Step 3. Configure Your Volume Purchasing account

    Go to the left side Menu of your Jamf Now and go to the Volume Purchasing section to authorize with the Apple ID you are using.


    Step 4. Download the Kitcast App for Deployment

    Open an Apps section from the Jamf Now left side menu and search for the Kitcast. Open the corresponding store to get it:


    Step 5. Installation

    Once you configured your profile and downloaded the app, Kitcast tvOS app will be automatically enrolled on your devices connected to the profile.


    Important: App Configuration is not available with Jamf Now.

While Jamf Now can deploy apps using Apple’s Volume Purchase Program, it cannot configure settings within an app. So you will have to configure each device manually later, after the installation.

If you want to go with a Single App Mode with a Jamf Now, your Apple TV device, and Kitcast app, please check here how you can do that.