Distributing Kitcast builds using VMware Workspace One

VMware Workspace One Setup for Digital Signage App

Step 0. Requirements

    1. This documentation assumes you have an Apple Volume Purchasing Program (such as Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager) account;
    2. Workspace ONE UEM 2105 or higher
    3. It is recommended your Apple TVs are running tvOS 14.

Step 1. Select App for the Deployment

    1. Navigate to Resources.
    2. Expand Apps and click Native.
    3. Click Purchased.
    4. Select the Kitcast app for tvOS.
    5. If not already done, click More Actions > Enable Device Assignment, and click OK.
    6. Click Assign.

Step 2. Assign and Allocate app

    1. Enter a name for your app assignment.
    2. Select the Smart Group that contains the tvOS devices.
    3. Enter the number of volume-purchased licenses to allocate to this assignment.
    4. Choose Auto as the deployment method.

Step 3. Manage App Restrictions

    1. Click Restrictions.
    2. Enable Remove on Unenroll.
    3. Enable Prevent Removal.

Step 4. Enable Application Configuration

    1. Click Application Configuration.
    2. Enable Send Configuration.
    3. Click Add.
    4. Enter the key name, value type, and value as noted below.
    5. Add additional key/value pairs by clicking Add and entering additional Application Configuration information:
Configuration Key Value Type Configuration Value
secret string The secret key in the XML supplied by us:
Your secret key
id string {DeviceUid}
name string {DeviceFriendlyName}
location string Name of the location in your Kitcast Dashboard
locationID string ID of the location in your Kitcast Dashboard

And click Create.

Step 5. Save and Publish Assignment

    1. If necessary, click Add Assignment to add any additional assignments (including differing application configuration values).
    2. Click Save and then Publish.


Should you have any difficulties or need details, please refer to VMware documentation hereShould you have any questions, contact our Support Team, and they’ll be happy to assist you.