Distributing Kitcast builds using JAMF Pro

Apple TV Digital Signage JAMF Pro Setup

Step 0. Requirements

– This documentation assumes you have an Apple Volume Purchasing Program (such as Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager) account;
Jamf Pro 10.7 or higher;
– It is recommended your Apple TVs are running tvOS 14.

Step 1. Configure PreStage Enrollment

The first step is to sign in to your Jamf Pro instance. Navigate to Devices and then to PreStage Enrollments.

Create a new PreStage Enrollment. Set the PreStage Enrollment Display Name to Kitcast. Then select the Mobile Device Names tab and set a naming method. The best practice is to use Serial Numbers with the prefix of Kitcast.

Next, scope the new PreStage Enrollment to the Apple devices you would like to use as Devices using the Scope tab to select available devices.

Step 2. Smart Device Group

Click on Smart Device Groups under the Groups heading in the sidebar.  Set the Display Name to Kitcast Smart Group. Go to the Criteria tab to add Enrollment Method: PreStage enrollment.

Set the Value to the name of the PreStage Enrollment and Save.

Step 3. Download the Kitcast App for Deployment

Open a new tab and open the appropriate App Store:

Step 4. Configure Mobile Device App

Return to Jamf Pro and navigate to Mobile Device Apps. After processing, it will appear in the list of available apps.

Step 5. General tab

Set a Display Name for the app or choose to leave the default.  Change the Distribution Method to Install Automatically/Prompt Users to Install.  Choose either Schedule Jamf Pro to automatically check Appstore for app updates or Automatically Force App Updates or leave them disabled to update manually when needed.

Step 6. Scope tab

Under Targets, click Add, then choose Mobile Device Groups and then click Add next to the Kitcast Smart Group

Step 7. VPP tab

Enable the Assign VPP Content checkbox.

Step 8. App Configuration

  1. Contact Kitcast Support Team to obtain your Secret Key.
  2. You will receive a .plist file with the following structure:

App Configuration - Kitcast Support

  1. Go to JAMF Pro > Device > Mobile Device Apps > Kitcast > App Configuration.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Paste the received plist in the Preferences field.
  4. Click Save.

Important: location and locationID fields are configurable, and used by Kitcast for automatically creating Locations based on your JAMF configuration. You can remove these keys if you’d like to manage locations yourself.

For example: Let’s say you have devices grouped by buildings in your JAMF configuration, and you want to sync JAMF buildings to Kitcast locations.
Then locationID & location configuration will be following:


For the full list of available variables, consult JAMF docs. Should you have any questions, contact our Support Team and they’ll be happy to assist you.