Adding Instagram account to the Dashboard

How to add Instagram account to the Dashboard

These steps will show you how to connect your Instagram account to your Kitcast Profile.

A bit of history: with the new, updated security changes at Facebook and Instagram now you can connect via API (special interface allows third parties, apps and web services to access your account) only so called Professional accounts.

So before we start, please make sure your Instagram account is Professional. If you use regular Instagram account, follow next steps to convert and if you’re on Professional, skip and move to Part 2.

Making your account Professional (available from mobile apps only):

1. Go to your profile and tap
2. Tap Settings
3. Tap Account.
4. Tap Switch to Professional Account.

Swipe through the guide and choose your category of the business profile. If not sure, choose the most close one to your feed.

After that’s done, re-check your personal information and connect to the Facebook Page.

At this point you might stuck if your Instagram was previously connected to any other account. To remove that connection please navigate to the Account > Linked Accounts, locate there Facebook connection and disconnect that. If that was a case, please switch your page back to Personal and make Business again.

So that’s it, now your account is Professional. To find out more benefits of Professional accounts read Instagram article about that.

Part 2. Connecting your Instagram account to Kitcast profile.

For that please follow these steps:

1. Log into and open Kitcast Dashboard.
2. Go to Settings and select Social, or click here.
3. Click on Connect button for Instagram.
4. In the new window that opens for you, please log into the Facebook account you have your Business Instagram account.
5. Allow Kitcast to access your Profile and Posts in the new window that opens for you.

That’s it, now you are ready to stream your Instagram contents on the Digital Signage solution. Just one step ahead: open your Dashboard and add an Instagram Widget to your account.

Enjoy your contents online!

Should you have any questions or difficulties connecting your account, just let us know at