Link a device to the Location

Adding Digital Signage Screen to the Location

How to link a device to a specific Location or Playlist?

Knowing that your Kitcast playlists are already linked to their locations, all you need to do is choose the Location to Link your new Device to. Open to the desired location on your Kitcast dashboard and switch to the Devices tab. Click the ‘+’ button, create a new Device Name (this is made to differentiate your devices between each other in future) and Setup Code from the application.
Link a Device 1 - Kitcast Support
If you already have your Device Linked to some Location but wishing to re-Link it to another one – simply Unlink the device from the old Location and then Link it to a new one.
Let’s use an example here:
Link a Device 2 - Kitcast Support
Choose a Location where your Device should be Unlinked from. In our example we want to Unlink a device from Lobby. Lets switch to that location.
Link a Device 3 - Kitcast Support
Great. We see only one Device Linked to it – AppleTV1. Lets Unlink the Device by pressing a Trash bin icon. This will unlink the ApplteTV1 device from Lobby location.
Link a Device 4 - Kitcast Support
Now lets Link it to another Location. Here we want to Link it to Hall. Lets switch the Location. As you can see – there’s an Unlinked device appeared, ready to be Linked. Lets press “Link”.
Link a Device 5 - Kitcast Support
Thet’s it. As you can see – AppleTV 1 Device is now Linked to Hall.